RTB4FREE uses Docker

Docker tutorial is here. This is a good place to start.

Kibana to Visualize Data

We use Kibana to visualize data.Here's a tutorial.

VAST Specifications.

The VAST 2.0 specification is here: 2.0 Spec

The VAST 3.0 specification is here: 3.0 Spec

The VAST 4.0 specification is here: 4.0 Spec

Source Code to RTB4FREE

Source code is here.


The javadoc for RTB4FREE is here

Architecture of RTB4FREE

A highlevel slide show of RTB4FREE is here.

Open Source HTML5/Javascript Video Player and VAST Plugin We Use

Videojs is the video player we use (with the vast plugin) to demonstrate video ads. You can find it here.

The VAST plugin for Videojs is located here.

Handy RTB Bid/Response Validator from Sharethrough

Validator is here.

How Ads are served in RTB

A video. that explains how ads are served in RTB.

Specification of OpenRTB

The specification is here.

IAB Categories as a JSON List

Find a handy IAB categories list in JSON form here.