Demand Side Platform

A complete, open source advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP). Completely "Dockerized" and uses well known open source tools. Contains 3 major components:

  • OpenRTB Real Time Bidder: Written in Java 1.8 and implements RTB v 2.5.
  • Campaign Manager: Written in Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Java 1.8 and implements a complete system for managing and controlling campaigns.
  • Data Management Platform: A DMP developed with Elastic Search, Logstash, and Kibana.

Update: Anura, Maxmind, CIDR Blacklisting, Mobfox Exchange and Kinesis Logging features added

Deploy or build it yourself, or engage us to do it for you.


Bidding Engine

OPENRTB Bidding engine (2.5) in Java 1.8. Supports banner, native, audio and video ads. Try the stand-alone bidder in the Docker Playground, below:

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Campaign manager - Try the stand-alone campaign manager in the Docker Playground (username:, password: 12345678), below:

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Data Management Platform (DMP) provides campaign and system analytics with the ELK Stack, Try the stand-alone DMP in the Docker Playground below:

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Complete DSP

Puts all the pieces together in a single Docker compose file on your system. Brings Bidder, CM, and DMP together as a coordinated system.

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