RTB4FREE Details (Layer 2 - Campaign Manager)

Last updated: April 21, 2018


This is the Campaign Manager, the second layer of the DSP. Layer 1 is the Bidder, Layer 2 is the Campaign Manager and Layer 3 is the Data Management Platform. Features at a glance:

  1. Web based.
  2. Supports Video and Banner ads.
  3. Provides Day Parting service.
  4. Employs Open, Hourly, Daily and Total budgeting.
  5. Easy to use targetting.
  6. Build your own specialized rules if standard targetting is not sufficient.
  7. Docker Microservices Architecture. Built with MySQL, Ruby and Ruby on Rails support.
  8. Commerical support and customization is available from this link

Because this is a Docker deployment you must have a working knowledge of Docker. You need Docker and Docker docker-compose installed. For information on Docker : look here.

First, the Campaign Manager is briefly over viewed. Then, the Docker compose file is modified to make the Campaign Manager usable in your own DSP.

Please note, the bidder, campaign manager, and DMP are all brought up as separate layers. In this layer we will be working only with the campaign manager in stand alone mode - it will not be connected to the bidder yet, but it is capable of making and editing campaigns.

Campaign Manager Tour

The Campaign Manager is a simple web application that allows you to setup and control campaigns. It provides targeting, budgeting, frequency capping, and reporting capabilities.

You can try the application by clicking on the "Try In PWD" button to launch the demo. Wait a few minutes for the containers to start. When the session is ready, login to the campaign manager by clicking on the 3000 link. The following login screen should appear.

The user-name is demo@rtb4free.com and password is rtb4free. After you login the first page of the Campaign Manager is displayed:


A campaign is the offering of one or more creatives over a certain time period, and with specific targets. We use the term target to mean constraining rules that filter out those bid requests that match your target market. When we say creative we mean a banner ad, a video or a native ad. Additionally, you can use the Campaign Manager to review the the running status of your campaign, and to start and stop campaigns.

The process to create a new campaign is:

  1. Select the Campaigns icon and define the basic campaign parameters Save the campaign..
  2. Select the Banners or Video icon and define the creative parameters. Select the campaign you created in step 1 to assign the creative to your campaign. Save the creative.
  3. Select the Target icon and define the target parameters. Save the target.
  4. Return to the Campaign edit page, and select the Target that you created. Saving the Campaign will load it in the bidder.

The campaign is accessed via the "Campaigns" panel. Example:

Pressing the New Campaign button will bring up the following screen:

Fields with "*" indicate a required field. Most of the fields are self-explanatory, with the exception of Region, and Rules. A Region is a bidding region. It is the name given to a group of bidders controlled by Crosstalk. Only one Region can be specified. If you are set up to bid in the US, then use US as the region. If in Asia, use AP, and if in Europe use EU.

Rules are specific constraints applied to the campaign gathered from the bid requests and are discussed further in the documentation.

Once you have a campaign created, you can add Banner and Video ads.


A video creative is a Video that plays in a VAST player. The video creative is accessed via the the "Videos" panel. An example is shown below:


A campaign is the offering of one or more creatives over a certain time period, and with specific targets. We use the term target to mean common constraints that filter out those bid requests to match your target market. When we say creative we mean a banner ad, a video or a native ad.

Here is a Target screen from the campaign manager:

The most commonly used contraints are available for you to choose. Specifically you can target:

  • Whitelist, blacklist of domains
  • Geographical area
  • Country
  • Carrier
  • Operating System
  • Make
  • Model
  • Device type
  • Whitelist IAB categories
  • Blacklist IAB categorries


The dashboard gives you a quick overview of how all your campaigns are performing over the last hour, day, week and total. Example:

If you have not started the Campaign manager as a demo to play around with it, you can do so in the docker playground:

Try in PWD

Additional Info

For additional information on how to defined Campaigns, Banner, Videos, bidding Rules, and using data Sets, see the Documentation section.

Source Code

The RTB4FREE source code for all the services is located here.