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RTB4FREE Supports Anura Anti-fraud, Geopatching, Mobfox Exchange, and Kinesis Logging

We have added support for the Anura anti-fraud system, capability to patch missing data in device.geo, global CIDR blackist, a new exchange (Mobfox) and added new capability to use Kinesis logging. You can read about the new capabilities here.

RTB4FREE Implements Support for Bidswitch Exchange

Bidswitch SSP is now supported. Support for Bidswitch is not too difficult to set up, the guidelines for setting up and testing bidswitch is shown here

RTB4FREE Implements GDPR Compliance Per IAB

RTB4FREE's bidder now implements the policy guidelines of the IAB for GDPR.

Basically this is a two step process.

  1. Bidder Startup: First, you need to start the bidder in GDPR mode. GDPR compliance is started by setting a flag in the docker container of the Bidder. Example:

    By setting GDPR_MODE to TRUE, you tell the bidder to delete the user object in the RTB bid request if the ext.gdpr=1 and user.ext.consent is set to null or does not exist. If the user has not consented and GDPR is set you will not receive the User object and your campaign cannot target on this object, and further, the bid request will be logged without the user object being present.

  2. Elastic Search Deletion: It is possible that the user that consented to targeting may tell you to delete their records. In this case, you need to run a query on the Elastic Search database to delete the user.

    Use the Elastic Search query described here to delete users that have revoked consent.

Note: Google Adx does not support GDPR.

Send OPENSSP Bids to RTB4FREE Running in Docker Playground

Recently, people have asked for support in RTB4FREE for the Openssp project.

The standard configuration of the openssp endpoint is configured at /rtb/bids/openssp. It is available in the Docker version of the bidder out of the box. In the bid tester, you can choose the Openssp from the drop down box.

DSP Cost Analysis - Build or Buy

What Does it Cost to Make a DSP With RTB4FREE?

That's a good question. There are no easy answers. One of the most popular DSP solutions is Beeswax. They will run the bidder for you - for a fee - about $1.00 per QPS. Is that a good price?

So we developed a spread sheet that tries to show, if you are bidding on 5% of the traffic, and winning 5% of that, at .0023/impression, how much would an RTB4FREE installation cost per month, running on AWS.

Based on our calculations the AWS costs would be about $.33/QPS for RTB4FREE vs. $1.00/QPS for Beeswax.

This figure is a little misleading, because the $.33 does not include any labor costs. And let's don't kid ourselves, RTB is not a system you turn on and it runs 24x7 unattended. So add those labors costs into your equation when thinking about your own DSP.

You can download and play with the Spreadsheet here: DIY DSP Cost Calculator

GDPR Enforcement in the US, What Does it Mean?

What does GDPR mean to US based DSPs? It's hard to say, but we take a stab at in this blog post on GDPR in the US.In this post

RTB4FREE is 100% Dockerized

RTB4FREE is now Dockerized! No more JAVA, Maven, Python scripts, editing files by hand and fussy startup scripts. It's all Docker now. This makes the system far more stable, easier to deploy, and easier to scale.

Building Your Own DSP, Parts One Two

Let's be a DSP!

In this blog post we develop a DSP from the ground up using Docker

Part 1:In this post we plan our DSP.

Part 2:In this post we use Docker Swarm to deploy a complete functioning DSP.

Apache Commons, JAVAX Servlet, Aerospike, 0MQ and Jackson JAR Files Upgraded

RTB4FREE dependencies for Google openrb, Apache Commons, Javax Servlet, Aerospike, 0mq, and Jackson have all been updated to their most recent releases. This was done in prepration for the next major development effort in RTB4FREE - which will be to add Kafka logging and remove Aerospike as a dependency.

Logging is a Pain in the Neck.

Once you get your bidder going, you then will turn to the task of data analytics. It's a great idea to save all the requests and bids and wins in a database so you can analyze it... But quickly you will find out just what a large problem that can become. Indeed, the logging infrastructure may end up being more substantial than your bidding infrastructure. Whether you use Hadoop, Elastic Search or something else to deal with your log data, here are some things to consider: A Primer on Logging..

Why Is My Campaign Not Bidding?

Many times, you get connected to your SSP, then set up your campaign and you are ready to go. But, after a while you realize yo aren't bidding at all! You could log all the requests coming in and then manually go through all the requests and match them to your campaign, but that would take forever. Fortunately, we have a report for you in the System Admin web application that will help you tune your campaign. Here's an example of using System Admin to analyze non-bidding campaigns.

RTB4FREE Now Works with Google Ad Exchange

Although RTB4FREE is openRTB based, you can now use it to advertise with Google Ad Exchange. For information on how to setup RTB4FREE with Ad Exchange: look here for the details.

Russian Hackers Do More Than Hack US Elections

Used to be we had consumer devices acting as BOTs stealing ad dollars. Now, we have entire data centers in the US and the NEtherlands attacking the ad networks. Read about METHBOT here.

Then after you are sufficiently pissed off, see how you can defend against METHBOT using RTB4FREE here.

How many QPS Can RTB4FREE Do...?

Look to this blog post to see the performance characteristics of RTB4FREE on various computers. We recently replaced the cache system in RTB4FREE, removing REDIS and now using Aerospike. And the results are impressive we think. Our own DSP is doing 50KQPS per instance. Not too shabby for an open source bidder.

For more info on various computers laying around the office and on Amazon AWS look here

What is Wrong With this Picture

AKA: What you don't know will waste your ad dollars...

In this blog post I will show you a 5 minute snap shot in a Day In The Life of an RTB campaign on an 'un-named' but well known SSP. Watch-out! It's bot hell out there.

You don't need sophisticated bot-hunting tools to find bots. Just take your RTB bid requests, stuff them into Elastic Search and then Slice and Dice with Kibana: Voila! Click here to see bots in action, fishing for ad-dollars!