Open Source Demand Side Platform

Last updated: April 21, 2018

What Is It?

RTB4FREE is an complete Demand Side Platform: Bidder, Campaign Manager, and Data Management Platform - All Open Source

You can bring up the entire DSP on your hardware in as little as 15 minutes - with no programming, no build scripts and no installations of other software, other than Docker.

Built using a micro-services architecture deployed on Docker you can scale to the size you need. Start small and grow larger. An overview of the architecture is shown here:

You can run the system on the Docker Playground in 5 minutes.

Every body talks about being transparent. We are transparent - at the end of the day you own the platform and all the data.

If you want to build and maintain it yourself, by all means do!

If you want us to set it up, run it, and train you, we will do that too.

Why Run Your Own DSP?

More retailers are directly connecting with their customers and not going through middle-men. The same goes for advertising - directly connect with your customers on your landing page with your own advertising service. That seems like a no-brainer, but the real secret sauce is capturing the buying/shopping patterns of users and directly controlling what advertisements you present them with.

If you rely on others to do this work for you, then you have no insight into their shopping experience. You gain this insight by running your own DSP. Not only do you eliminate the middle-man, you decide where and when to advertise. the data that comes back is yours to analyze and use to make future advertising decisions.

It's estimated that an RTB bidder will cost you $100,000 to build from scratch. If you employ bidding as a service - expect to pay $1/QPS a month - and you don't own it.

With us, you take on as much as you feel comfortable with - and then you own it.

What Does it Come With?

RTB4FREE comes with 3 parts:

  1. Bidder - OpenRTB bidding engine. Supports over 25 different exchanges, including Google Adx.
  2. Campaign Manager - Create, edit and control your advertising campaigns using a web browser based application.
  3. Data Management Platform - analyze the performance of your campaigns. Use the reports and dashboards we provide, and add to them using Kibana's dashboard and Elastic Search's advanced capabilities.


The Bidder is an OpenRTB 2.5 compliant real time bidder. It also supports Google Ad Exchange and 25 other exchanges. Features at a glance:

  1. openRTB 2.5 Compliant
  2. Supports many SSPs
  3. Supports SSL
  4. Supports GZIP Compressed Bids
  5. Simplified Bidder Management
  6. Open Source Campaign Manager
  7. Docker Micro-services Architecture
  8. Commercial support and customization is available from this link

Deploy and run the bidder right now: Try in PWD

For more information about the bidder: View details »

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager is a web based application that allows you to create campaigns, set the targetting, set budgets and get reports. Here are features at a glance:

  1. Web based.
  2. Supports Video and Banner ads.
  3. Provides Day Parting service.
  4. Employs Open, Hourly, Daily and Total budgeting.
  5. Set frequency caps.
  6. Easy to use targetting.
  7. Build your own specialized rules if standard targetting is not sufficient.
  8. Docker Microservices Architecture. Built with MySQL, Ruby and Ruby on Rails support.
  9. Commerical support and customization is available from this link

Deploy and run the campaign manager right now: Try in PWD

For more information about the campaign manager: View details »

Data Management Platform

The Data Management Platform is a specialized Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana stack set up to handle the log data from the bidder to create reports and analyze the data about bids, requests, wins, clicks, etc. The database is Elastic Search. The logging infrastructure is Zookeeper+Kafka+Logstash. The user interface is Kibana. Several dashboards are provided for you, but you can add others as you nee. Here are features at a glance:

  1. Web based user interface (Kibana).
  2. Integrated with the open source Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK) stack.
  3. Search and view RTB transaction log details for requests, bids, wins, pixels, clicks and costs.
  4. Search and view RTB application log details for bidder and crosstalk.
  5. Out-of-the-box dashboard reports in Kibana.
  6. Standard campaign metrics viewable in the Campaign Manager.
  7. Create custom reports using Kibana.
  8. Open architecture allows integration with your own data analytics infrastructure.
  9. Standard data backup and maintenance processes included.
  10. Scale up horizontally by deploying clusters for ELK and Kafka.
  11. Commercial support and customization is available from this link

Deploy and run the DMP: Try in PWD

For more information about the DMP: View details »

Fully Dockerized

First of all, and a KEY component of RTB4FREE - it is Docker deployed. No other open source DSP is available designed to be Docker deployable.

This means it is designed to work right away, without any changes. You can customize the Docker configurations to scale however large you need.

If you need to add custom code, the source code is freely available - extend it however you like, or hire us to build it out for you.

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