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If you Don't Maintain Blacklists, You Will Get Robbed

If you don't blacklist suspicious IP addresses, you will get your ad dollars stolen. We introduced frequency capping in an earlier blog post. And, we also provide support for BOT detection using BOT detection software.

Even so, you must still maintain your blacklists. Sophisticated Russian Hackers are now using entire data centers to create BOTs that fool even the BOT hunters. The latest is METHBOT. You can read about METHBOT here..

You still need to keep up with your blacklisting. RTB4FREE can maintain multiple blacklists and whitelists within the bidder. This is configured in the "lists" object of the intialization file, (e.g. Campaigns/payday.json for the default one).

With RTB4FREE lists, you can create blocks of IP addresses, and CIDR blocks and then have your campaigns opt in or out of them using the operators. Click here to see how to set up blocking lists and then how to use them.