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Open Source

This is an implementation of the openRTB as an open source project. It includes an RTB Server engine written in JAVA 1.8 and an administration system written entirely in HTML and JavaScript. Use this as the basis of your own Do-it-yourself DSP.

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RTB Bidding Engine

An openRTB mobile Real Time Bidding engine (2.2) written in Java 1.8. This bidder supports banner and video ads, multi bid farms, and includes full constraint checking on bid requests. The bidder supports full constraint checking and is easily extendable to handle non standard targeting.

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RTB Campaign Administrator

A simple Bootstrap-based web page and javascript code that administers the campaigns used by the RTB4FREE. System uses ZeroMQ for communications with the RTB4FREE for database operations. The system is fairly simple and is easily maintained or replaced with a commercial DBMS.

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RTB System Console

A simple Bootstrap-based web page and javascript code that monitors the system status of your RTB4FREE bidding farm. The system interfaces with the RTB4FREE bidders using Aerospike and ZeroMQ. From this single page you can start and stop bidders, change log levels, view the system log, and reload campaigns.

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