Here are some helpful Docker Playground Tips:

  • You need a docker account to use this feature. It's free, go here and sign up if you don't have a login.
  • After the demonstration loads into the container you will get a modal dialog that says Close at the bottom right:

    Click close.
  • If you close the dialog window, but there is no container or ports indicated (like in the next picture). Do this:

    Simply refresh the page. It will give you a warning, but go ahead and refresh and it will show the correct state. Your page when loaded should look like this:

  • The next step is to click 80. The web application should start. But if it doesn't you will get something like this:

    It just means the container is not completely up yet. Wait for the Bidder container to be up for 20 seconds or so, do:

    	$docker ps

    to check the status of the containers.

  • If you still need help, email us with your questions. Contact info is here.