RTB4FREE Customization Services

Last updated: April 18, 2017


The RTB4FREE platform is designed to provide base RTB capabilites which can be extended by users or our professional services. This section describes areas where we have made custom enhancements for clients.

Scalable Deployment

The RTB4FREE platform scalability can be viewed at the 3 levels.

  1. Sevice level. Components such as Bidders, Kafka or Elasticsearch can be configured and/or clustered to improve capacity. We provide expertise in each component so that serice is optimized.
  2. Platform level. By examining the total system requirements, a production platform can be deployed using containers, cloud instances or native hardware.
  3. Enterprise level. The RTB4FREE architecture supports deploying distributed platorms across multiple regions, with a centralized campaign manager and log reporting. This configuration supports a worldwide RTB infrastucture where latency between exchanges, end users and the bidder is minimized.
RTB4FREE can provide services to size, design, deploy, train or support your systems at any of these levels.

SSP Exchange Integrations

Though many exchanges claim to support the OpenRTB protocol, individual implementations vary so that the bidder code must be modified to support that exchange. Examples include:

  • Google AdX - Uses protobuf protocol. Encrypted price data, no WIN notification support.
  • OpenX - Supports Openx crypto prices.
  • Appnexus - Requires endpoints that Appnexus calls for health checks.
  • Stroer - Requies additional configuration entries in the configuration.
All these exchanges are currently supported by RTB4FREE.

Bidder Enhancements

RTB4FREE can add custom features to the bidding process. Examples are:

  • Scheduled time/date based bidding.
  • Merging market segment data as part of the bidding process.
  • Dyanmic bid pricing based on external parameters.
  • Creative rotation based on bid activity.

Campaign Manager Reports

The Campaign Manager is build as a standard Ruby on Rails application which can be easily extended using typical Rails techniques. Examples include:

  • Integrate user login authentication with corporate standards, such as SAML
  • Modify campaign workflow.
  • Add customer data to the campaign data database.
  • Extend campaign reports. Any visualization that can be created by Kibana can be represented in the Campaign Manger. These reports can be further enhanced with customer data integrated into the campaign database.
  • The Rails app can act as an API gateway to allow external programs access to campaign info.

Analytics Data Integration

Bidder data can be fed to external systems for use by other data mining tools. Using the Secor tool, bidder log data can be loaded into cloud storage for further processing. This capability can be further enhanced by automating the process.

Systems Monitoring

A production bidding platform requires comprehensive monitoring to ensure the systems are operating at optimal efficiency. THe following monitoring solutions are available for RTB4FREE components.

  • Prometheus/Grafana are open source tools for extracting and showing performance graphs.
    • Monitor exchange-bidder performance and availability by graphing HAPROXY statistics.
    • Monitor Linux server CPU, disk, memory, network usage.
    • Docker container metrics
    • Kafka cluster metrics
  • ELK
    • ELK stack includes Beats agents which can monitor a variety of systems. Beats data can be integrated with the existing ELK stack, or (recommended) on a separate monitoring stack.
    • Consolidate application logs from bidder and crosstalk into a searchable Kibana view.
    • Monitor key bidder application metrics such, as QPS and average bid time, using Kibana visualizations.
  • Kafka/Zookeeper
    • Kafka Manager - Web app to manage and monitor the Kafka cluster.
    • Zookeeper Navigator - Web app to manage the Zookeeper cluster.
  • Integration into exisitng management tools using custom scripts.

Ongoing Support

RTB4FREE can provide ongoing support for the platform software, or as second level support for the deployed system. Training classes are also available. For furtner informaation, contact us at info@rtb4free.com.